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NSFW: How To Activate A Woman’s “Mating Instinct..”

(As Revealed By Women Who Cheat)

NSFW: How To Activate A Woman’s “Mating Instinct”

(As Revealed By Women Who Cheat)

Here's What Men Are Saying About The Power Switch 

Thank you Alex, I mean this from my true heart, no script or video, that I have mentally digested and taken on, and used in my life, has had such a profound action of grounding me to my true adult self.

Please let me explain, during my childhood, especially my teens, I suffered from the illness called "inferior complex attitude."
I have worked on it, with no direct help from anybody, my whole life. I'm now 55, and i have worked on it every single day, piece by piece, for ever adding confidence back into my soul, it's been a long, steep climb...

Your words and how you put them together, are pure and true, and very powerful, you have enlightened me to many points, the main one that stands out for me is how you explain "Whenever you have a decision to make or an action to take, hold it up to your heart and say, IS THIS SOMETHING THAT I WANT TO DO AS AN EXPRESSION OF MY FREEDOM, OR IS THIS SOMETHING I WANT TO DO TO PLEASE OTHER PEOPLE ?

I have taken this on, and now, after understanding this, and it becoming embedded into my soul, I am totally free of my very old issue, of not feeling fully masculine as a man. I can now own my true self. I'm feeling so strong with my decisions and actions, and to just be me, feels so wonderful, it's amazing. Again Alex, thank you so very much (I could man hug you lol) Love you man with so much respect.
- Carl Dunn

Powerful stuff man! Pretty sure this just changed my damn life.

You're a damn smart guy, and as a fellow smart-ass, I'd love to meet you in person one day!

Keep up the fantastic, fantastic work. You're the only guy I've grown to fully trust in this department.

- Daniel Pinilla

Outstanding video! Everything short of what this video touches upon only reinforces all that stands in the way of true self-defined masculinity.

Little boys pretending to be men. This video is first steps, but they are giant strides. Well done!

- Joe Melton

Truly awesome. "Stop being so reasonable and start living with passion!" Priceless.

- Andy G.

I'm a women but I love this content! Love the way you explain things that can create attraction in any woman!!!!!!!!

- Liz Valenzuala

Alex, this is phenomenal content. It really amazes me that you are able to take your programs several steps above this. Thanks!

- Max Fresquez

My dad sent me this link because he lives and breathes this stuff and talks about it to me all the time. Easier to integrate without the baggage of the father/son history. Thanks Alex

- Tehcarp

Dude, this is spiritual stuff! It doesn't look like it, and it's not what we usually define as "spiritual", but your emotions, your honesty, your personal truth, your satisfaction and the way you feel about yourself is NOT scientifically measurable in a non-biased way!

The only way to know if this is true FOR YOU is to feel in inside your chest. Maybe try it out. But you don't need a second opinion or a source for something that just resonates in your heart. You just don't. You KNOW it's true and that's it. You just know it.

I certainly know it is. And if it doesn't resonate with you... You're just not ready for it.

- Daniel P.

WOW, Alex! Just wow... I am starting to write about manhood and masculinity and find myself getting stuck a lot because of the sexual/social politics of today. I also identify as an empath and give the feelings of others way too much weight sometimes.

This video really inspired me. I applaud you on your work and hope you will continue to be a necessary voice in today's world. SALUTE!

- David Roberts


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