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NSFW: How To Activate A Woman’s “Mating Instinct..”

(As Revealed By Women Who Cheat)


From Now Until Friday 21st


Get 50% Off!

NSFW: How To Activate A Woman’s “Mating Instinct..”

(As Revealed By Women Who Cheat)


From Now Until Friday 21st

Get 50% Off!


The 5 Traits That Biologically Activate Attraction In Women

The 5 Traits That Biologically Activate Attraction In Women

Hi, my name is Alex, and a quick heads up:

This website is not for women.

Now women might find it fascinating… or possibly, uncomfortable...

...but I created this page for men who are sick of bullshit women and bullshit advice, and want some real power and control in their relationships.

Maybe there’s a crush at work, or online, who you’ve had your eye on…

Maybe there’s a special girl who ghosted on you after a few dates…

Or maybe you’ve even got a girlfriend or wife who’s gone cold and stopped respecting you, or wanting to have sex…

...well, it doesn’t matter.

She will get unbelievably hot for you, her mating instinct will go wild, and she’ll be driven to have sex with you when you use what you learn in the next few minutes.

Let’s get started with a technique that you can use tonight.

You see, every woman has a master “mating instinct” that controls her feelings and sexual desire for a man.

It doesn’t matter if she’s a 40 year-old divorcee with a sexy yoga body, or a hot little 22-year old Instagram influencer.

So I’m going to show you how to ethically “hijack” this female mating instinct...

...and I wouldn’t be able to tell you about it today if it weren’t for a curious woman who we’ll call “Lisa.”

She Felt A Rush Of Warmth In Her Vagina...

For legal and ethical reasons, I can’t use her real name, or tell you which major University she works at, as a research scientist.

But as Lisa was grocery shopping after work a few years back, she found herself powerfully… almost uncontrollably… attracted to a man who she walked by as she got out of her car.

She brushed it off, but when she entered the supermarket, the strangest thing happened.

As if it had a life of its own, her brain began to whip up a vivid sexual fantasy about another man who she passed in the produce department.

As she puts it, “I had an overwhelming urge to have this random man inside of me.

She tried to force it away with shame... her loving, loyal husband was at home, waiting for her to return with the day’s meal.

But as she reached the checkout line, her whole body began to heat up. “I felt a rush of blood to my vagina,” she reported. This time, it was the man behind her in line.

Lisa had never experienced anything this strange before... and as she drove home, she says that she “put on my scientist cap, and asked myself what changed?”

That’s when she realized that…

She’d Gone Off Her Birth Control Pill, A Little Over A Month Ago

Could that have something to do with it?

Fast forward fourteen months: Lisa’s University dropped a bombshell study, with a truly unsettling conclusion:

A woman is most likely to cheat on her man, during the days of the month that she’s ovulating.

Yes... when she’s at her most fertile, that’s when her brain is telling her to go f*ck another guy.

And Lisa’s supermarket sex fantasies were not only natural, they were common for women who were ovulating.

It was as if their “mating minds” had taken over, and told them to have sex with other men.

But not just any men...

No, there was a very specific type of man that these women’s brains were telling them to go f*ck.

Tall, good looking, rich guys, right?

Sorry... not even close...

The Tall, Good Looking Guys Didn’t Stand A Chance!

In fact, the women in these studies didn’t even see the men who made them want to cheat.

Here’s the truly mind-blowing thing:

The researchers used cotton pads to collect body odor from their male “volunteers,” and then... get this...

...they had the women smell those pads, and rate how badly they wanted to have sex with the guys men who produced those smells.

And one-by-one, like airplanes landing on autopilot, the women all went for the same 8 men.

There was something special in their hormones... some sort of “masculine power” that made every woman want to get access to their semen!

What was it?

Well, the study ended there.

But that’s exactly where my discoveries began... discoveries that - as a man - you need to know.

You see, for the past twenty years, I’ve been coaching men, women and couples...

...and it just so happened that “Lisa” was one of my clients.

She Found Me Online, After Watching My TED Talk...
And She Was A Hot Mess

It was the day after her “supermarket incident”, when she first contacted me, and her mind was awash in guilt.

“Alex,” she told me on our first call, “it’s frightening what’s happening to me. I want to be a faithful wife, but it’s like my body has its own brain, and it really wants to have sex with other men.”

I’d coached women like this before, and I’m happy to say that not only did her marriage survive, but Lisa and her husband are now the proud parents of two beautiful boys, and they are happier than ever.

As you might imagine, Lisa came to deeply trust and respect me, and a real friendship was born between us.

We stayed in touch while she was doing her research, and the day after her university dropped her bombshell report, I received a mysterious phone call from her.

“Can you meet up sometime in the next month?,” she asked. “I need to show you something, and trust me, it’ll be worth the cost of a plane ticket.”

Lisa refused to tell me any more details, and even though it wasn’t a cheap flight, she spoke with such urgency that I agreed to come see her.

Two weeks later, when we sat down face to face in a restaurant near her University, she told me to look under the booth to my left.

I Looked Down, And Saw An Old Leather Briefcase.
What Was This... The CIA?

She leaned in, her voice almost a whisper, as she delivered these words:

“That briefcase contains the personal information, and research that we collected about the men from our study. Find them. Talk to them. Figure out why we all the women wanted to have sex with the same few guys... guys they hadn’t even seen! The University won’t fund this sort of research, I can’t touch it... but you and I need to know this.”

I expected her next words to be “this briefcase will self-destruct in ten minutes...” but she jumped back into polite chit-chat, and didn’t mention it for the rest of the meal.

When I returned to my hotel room, I opened the briefcase, feeling like Indiana Jones as he peered into an ancient tomb.

The files of 48 men were neatly arranged, with names, ages, jobs, photos, and a multi-page personality assessment.

I was surprised... almost offended... that Lisa had entrusted me with this private information. She definitely could have lost her job or worse...

But she knew that I’d be as madly curious as she was, so I sought out the records of the 8 men who all the women had wanted...

...and my first thought was...

This Can’t Be. This Can’t Be True At All.”

None of these men were tall, only three were in relationships, and only one of the eight was what you’d call handsome... the others wouldn’t have even stood out in a police lineup!

Not only that, but most of the men who I thought women would want - the fit ones, the good looking ones, the wealthier ones - had scored a cold, hard zero.

This made no sense to me, because let’s face it:

If you ask a woman what sort of man she fantasizes about, she’ll tell you it’s the tall, handsome Brad Pitt-type.

But as I came to learn, that’s her “social” brain doing the talking... the one that’s seen every People magazine cover story... every male underwear ad... every social cue about “what’s supposed to be attractive” in men.

Yet the women in this study revealed a much different side of female desire... a much deeper, more powerful “mating instinct.”

I picked up the phone, and called the first of the “fateful eight” men.

He didn’t answer right away, nor did the next one...

...but by the end of the day, I had scheduled interviews with all eight of them.

Two weeks later, I was on a plane back home to Los Angeles.

Everything I knew about female desire had changed, thanks to these eight men.

And as if to drive the point home, the flight attendant I’d been talking to throughout the flight handed me her number, as I departed the plane.

She Mentioned That She Was Looking For
Some “Adventures” On Her Layover...

...and my man, we sure did have some adventures that night.

Now please understand: I do my best to stay in shape, and I think I look great for a guy my age....

But that sort of thing with the flight attendant had never happened to me before. In fact, I really used to struggle with women, and relationships.

I used to hate approaching them, and when I’d get lucky enough to meet a pretty woman, it was usually because a friend had introduced us.

And when I got in relationships, it seemed like the power always tipped out of balance... and not in my favor.

It all culminated when my wife left me - a heartbreaking loss that left me feeling like my masculine power had been squashed.

That’s why I spent so many years researching everything, and digging for the truth about sex and attraction.

Honestly, that’s why I became a men’s relationship coach...

...and to this very day, I still have men, women, and couples lining up to pay me very high hourly prices.

In fact...

These Days, Many Of The World’s Top Dating Coaches
Come To Me When They Have A Woman Problem
That They Can’t Solve On Their Own

I even officiated one of their wedding ceremonies!

That’s because you simply won’t find a coach who’s more dedicated to his clients... or to the truth about what works.

And frankly, my male clients owe a lot to the fateful eight men from Lisa’s study.

They were the ones who revealed the hidden switch to the female “mating instinct” to me, and the masculine power that activates it.

And the crazy thing is, they didn’t even realize it.

On the surface, these eight guys were pretty ordinary. You and I wouldn’t notice them passing us on the street.

But clearly, there was something extraordinary about them. Something that was driving women absolutely wild.

I started off by asking them all of the questions that you might, trying to see if there was some sort of biological reason that they were so desirable...

Had they all been “naturals” with women their whole lives?


How about their penises, were they above average in size?

Only one of them, and a few were below average.

Did they workout every day, or take some hormone supplements?


There were no clues hidden in their medical or personal histories, so I knew I had to look elsewhere.

What Were These 8 Highly Desired Men Doing Different Than The Rest Of Us???

I invited them all out to the bar one night, and told them I’d cover drinks. Fortunately, even they were curious about my research by this point, and happy to “get in the mix,” as one of them said.

My first insight came when they all met each other. They had a certain way of introducing themselves... friendly, and full of energy... powerful, but not rude.

It was as if something in their brains had “switched on” when they were put into a social situation.

Then, as we were all enjoying drinks and conversation, their energy really picked up.

It was totally spontaneous and self-organized... Iike a flock of birds, that instinctively knew how to fly in formation.

And that’s when I witnessed something I’ll never forget:

The eyes of every woman in the bar seemed to lock onto our group. It was almost surreal to have so many eyes on us.

Soon, they were passing by us, and two of them even “bumped” into us.

I felt like I was standing around with Leo DiCaprio, Idris Elba, and Bradley Cooper... but remember, none of these guys was particularly attractive.

I watched as these 8 men were “picked off” one-by-one by different women, in extremely obvious attempts to impress each of them. 

The wide, sparkling eyes... the coy touching of the hair... moving in close then stepping back just a bit...

I’ve got to be honest...

It Was Kind Of Like Watching A Stripper Working Her Target!

Now let’s be clear: I was the tallest man there, arguably the best looking one in the crew (and there were plenty of men in the room that were far better looking than me!)...

...and it was like I was freaking invisible to these women. I knew I could use that to my advantage.

One by one, I got close to the guys... listening in to see if they were saying anything particularly funny or clever, or something about the pitch of their voice...

And that’s when I got my second clue.

You see, whenever I had gone out to talk to women in the past, I always found myself forced to lead the conversation, to ask all the questions...

...but that’s not what was happening here. The guys were talking, yes, but it was the women who were asking the questions, laughing too hard at their bad jokes, and trying to keep the conversations going.

Over the next thirty minutes, I noticed that happened with every single guy.

And I noticed something else, too... the way that the guys spoke.

It was full of energy, passion... as if they were on fire, from within.

They weren’t trying to impress the women, not at all... they were acting the exact same way that I’d seen when they were talking to each other: alive, energetic, full of life.

They were “just being themselves,” and it was totally obvious that...

These Women Wanted To Have These Men Inside Of Them. But Why???

When I started round 2 of the interviews the next day, I knew what I’d be trying to understand from these eight men.

“Tell me about when you started doing well with women.”

“What’s going through your mind when you’re talking to people... to women?”

“Do you ever get tongue-tied?”

“Do you ever get nervous or afraid?”

I had a working theory:

These guys had harnessed some kind of power... something to do with their masculinity... that was activating the female mating instinct, and putting women into heat.

And maybe... just maybe... that mysterious “something” was elevating their testosterone levels?

Over the course of three more interviews, and two more nights out, I looked for ways to validate my theory.

Heck, I even asked the guys if they would get blood tests, so I could see their hormone levels for myself.

And wouldn’t you know it... not only did all of them have “above-average” testosterone...

...but they were also universally low in cortisol. That’s the hormone that’s produced when we’re feeling stressed out.

And here’s a spoiler:

A Woman’s “Mating Instinct” Goes Nuts For Men With Low Cortisol

It makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

What woman would want to get genes from a man who couldn’t deal with the pressures of the world?

Now by our third night out, I’d begun to adopt some of these guys’ thoughts and behaviors, and I’ll tell you what: I was no longer invisible.

Quite the opposite... and when a lovely young woman named Kristie asked me if I wanted to go grab a drink at her house, I couldn’t help but smile.

Something had changed in me... and practically overnight.

Now, I’m not going to tell you that I had “decoded it” right then and there. Certainly not like today, where I can teach it to any guy easily.

No, it took about two years of working with my male clients to really understand how to bring out a man’s true masculine power.

And I stayed in touch with the Fateful Eight over that time, to see what they thought of the theories I was coming up with.

For example, a lot of my male clients are in relationships, and I wanted to know exactly what it was that caused their woman to lose respect for them, and go cold.

(and, of course, how to turn it around)

But I also work with a lot of men who are single, and of course, I wanted to make them so irresistible that women would approach them.

And even though these were different situations, they were obviously connected in some way... they had to be, because...

This “Mating Instinct” Was Propelling Women Towards Some Men, And Away From Others.

It took dozens of clients... over two years... and a heck of a lot of blood tests to figure it out, but I’m happy to report that I cracked this code.

And the good news is that it’s not genetic... it’s epigenetic.

Stay with me here, because this is going to be truly life-changing for you.

You see, you were born with a set of genes, and they control everything from your testosterone levels, to your mood, to what diseases you’re susceptible to...

...your genetic code is quite literally the “software” that controls your body’s hardware.

And for many years, scientists assumed that our genes were “locked in” at birth. If you were an introverted beta male, you’d always be an introverted beta male.

But we now know that’s the farthest thing from the truth.

We now know that individual genes can be turned “on and off,” based on things that happen to us. And...

Warning: This Can Get Kind Of Weird

For example, Emory University scientist Brian Dias exposed a group of male mice to a fragrant chemical, while giving them a mild electrical shock at the same time.

As you might expect, the mice soon became fearful and anxious when they started smelling the chemical.

But here’s the kicker: when those mice were then allowed to mate, their offspring were also nervous around the chemical, as were the second generation of offspring!

In other words, Dias “turned on” a gene in the grandparent mice, and it stayed on all the way down to their grandchildren!

It’s a simple example of how a simple change in the environment, can change your genetics.

I’ve been interested in this sort of geeky science for years, but when I met the Fateful Eight, I got really intrigued.

Because none of these guys had the “classic good looks,” the massive penises, or the big bank accounts that most men typically associate with alpha males.

But clearly there was something going on with them... something powerful... something chemical... that sent a woman’s mating instinct into overdrive.

And by the third night that I went out with them, it seemed to have “rubbed off” on me!

I went to the lab and got my blood tested, and sure enough, my cortisol levels had plummeted and free T-levels were slightly elevated.

I knew it wasn’t because of diet... or a workout routine or anything physical... had to be behavioral. Something that we were all doing.

It caused our bodies to change, and even though we didn’t realize it...

Women Could Smell It, Like Drug-sniffing Dogs At The Airport!

Eleven months after Lisa handed me the briefcase, I called her back...

“Lisa, I think I’ve cracked it.”

By that point, I’d been teaching it to some of my “tough case” clients, and their results were breathtaking.

Carlos was a 41 year old virgin... even more clueless than the character in the movie... but within 2 weeks of my coaching, he found himself being approached by an adorable blonde at a Chipotle, of all places.

She initiated the conversation with him, kept it going, and even asked for his number... and I don’t want to get raunchy, but Carlos is definitely no longer a virgin.

James was another tricky case... a 31 year old who had “slayed” in college, and married a beautiful woman. But when he lost his father, and then his job, he said that “the fire inside of me died... and it pretty much extinguished my sex drive too.”

By the time he has called me his marriage was falling apart and he was in despair.

I had reservations about trying it with a client with problems this serious, but after just one month, he reported back to tell me that his marriage - and his sex life - were on fire like never before.

“So what’s the secret?” asked Lisa, with bated breath.

“Well,” I replied, savoring her anticipation... “it’s not one thing. It’s five things. And what I’ve discovered is that...

“Every Guy Who Can Reliably Activate A Woman’s Mating Instinct... The Top 5% Of Sexually Desirable Men... They All Get These Five Things Right.

“Every Guy Who Can Reliably Activate A Woman’s Mating Instinct... The Top 5% Of Sexually Desirable Men... They All Get These Five Things Right.

“And when they do,” I went on, “two things happen.”

First, their bodies begin to undergo some subtle, but powerful changes. Testosterone goes up. Cortisol and stress go down.

So they become more powerful, and more masculine. It’s as if their bodies are preparing to mate.

Amazingly, I’ve observed this happening to men as young as 18, and as old as 62.

When they get these five things right, it’s like they’ve unlocked some sort of epigenetic cheat code... the blood tests just don’t lie.

Lisa was fascinated. “So what’s the second thing that happens,” she asked.

“That’s the best part, Lisa. Once a guy gets these five things right, he just like, goes to work or the bar or the coffee shop, and all of a sudden, women are really interested in him.

“It’s like their “mating instinct” picks up on this power that he’s got, and forces them into hot pursuit.

“And when that happens, everything changes. Guys who aren’t used to being pursued, guys who used to be ignored or even teased and mocked, well... all of a sudden, women start throwing themselves at them.

“And the guys who are married or in relationships get the same kind of dramatic results. Relationships satisfaction goes off the charts, and by every measure, from sex to the emotional regulation to honesty and trust... it’s like they’re back on their honeymoon!”

“And as you can imagine, that triggers a lot of changes. Their confidence surges. They start having more sex. So it becomes a self-reinforcing cycle... and pretty soon, they’ve become what we call naturals.”

“Ok Alex.” I could hear the growing excitement in Lisa’s voice. “So what are the five things? You can’t keep holding out on me.”

“Alright,” I laughed. “In one word: traits. And more specifically, character traits.”

I Knew I Had Some Explaining To Do

“So here’s the deal: most guys think that women go for ‘personality traits’ like humor and wit, or “physical traits” like big shoulders or a square jaw.

“And none of those things hurt. It’s a big advantage if you’re a really funny, charismatic, good looking guy with a six pack!

“But the thing that actually matters is how you act. A woman’s mating instinct isn’t activated by a line... it’s activated by a MAN, and the power that he’s projecting.

“Men who struggle with women get this all wrong. They don’t simply act wrong around women, they get everything wrong, because there are power traits that they haven’t turned on.

“I always wondered why some of my best looking, most successful clients still struggled with women...and this is why.

“But men who women really want... that top 5%... they’ve got all five of these power traits switched on.

“And that’s why I was so invisible to women the night that I went out with the Fateful Eight. Even though I was taller and better looking than all of them, I was getting this stuff completely wrong.”

Lisa was quiet for a minute. And then... “but Alex, what proof do you have? I do research for a living. How do we know that this is true?

I Knew She’d Ask This Question,
And I Was Prepared

It started with my notes about the Fateful Eight. I had records of all of our interactions, and I was able to point to exact things that they said and did to reveal these five power traits.

It continued with a compendium about the dating coaches and pickup artists I knew who actually did well with women (and not the hucksters and scam artists).

Thirteen of them volunteered to help me, including quite a few names that you’d probably recognize.

None of these guys had grown up doing well with women... heck, like me, that’s why they became dating coaches. But now, every one of them was dominating their bachelorhood.

And just as with the fateful eight, they all had these five power traits turned on.

Seven of them even volunteered to do their bloodwork, and sure enough, their free testosterone levels were high, and their cortisol levels were low.

And my most important bit of proof:

I’d Now Taught These Five Power Traits
To Forty Two Separate Clients

Men from all walks of life... all ages, all physiques, and all intelligence levels. And their results were nothing short of breathtaking.

It didn’t matter how smart or slow he was, or whether he was short, or overweight, or living paycheck to paycheck. It was utterly simple to help him make these changes.

And once a man learned these five power traits, women started treating him like he was a different person.

Cold wives and girlfriends became warm, playful vixens... as if something inside of him had awoken something inside of her.

And single guys... it was crazy... women began to pursue them like they were animals in heat.

But here’s the best part: when my clients unlocked these five traits, they didn’t have to worry about learning “game” or “lines” or anything.

One of them confessed to me that he’d spent the past three years so into pickup stuff that he was “studying” women, but not dating them. “Now,” he told me, “I need to find something else to study.”

I suggested that he direct his attention to being a masterful lover... the two bisexual women who he was now dating would surely appreciate that.

Lisa never asked for my client notes, and I never volunteered them. Despite the trust we had, and even despite the information she shared with me about the Fateful Eight... we both knew that I couldn’t violate my clients’ trust in me.

And frankly, she didn’t need to see them, because as I told her the five power traits, and how I’d been teaching them to men, she immediately “got it.”

“It’s Been Hiding In Plain Sight!”

...she blurted out, almost frustrated that she hadn’t figured it out herself. Then she made a bold suggestion:

“Alex, you have to share this with more men. There are too many women out there suffering with men who don’t know how to make them feel like sexual animals, and never even getting a chance to meet these kinds of guys -- the guys they really want...

“And look... MEN are suffering too! Good men who deserve great relationships with great women. You need to write a book or something.”

I knew she was right about the suffering. I’d been one of those men: insecure with women my whole life, dumped by girlfriends and then my wife, and then a lonely single man.

I had devoted a big part of my life to mastering sexual skills as a way to build my confidence with women, and in myself as a man.

And I had dramatically turned my life around and had become what most men would consider incredibly successful with women...

But after studying the ‘Fateful Eight,’ it all came together. Slowly, at first, and then all of a sudden after these five traits began to become a part of me.

In fact, by this time I was engaged to a beautiful, fiercely intelligent woman, who also happens to be twenty years younger than me, and the absolute woman of my most unrealistic fantasies!

We’ve since brought a delightful little daughter into the world, and I’m not sure that any of it would have happened if it weren’t for the Fateful Eight.

So I thought hard about writing a book, but honestly, that can take years... and it didn’t feel like the best way to teach this.

See, knowing these traits, and activating them in yourself are not the same thing.

As I continued to work with my clients, I started to ask myself a single question:

How Do You “Download” These Power Traits Into Any Guy’s Brain?

I became obsessed trying to figure it out. My evenings were spent developing the curriculum, because I wanted it to be so crystal clear that anyone could get it, learn it, and implement it.

I tested it on clients as the months went on, keeping the training that was working for them, and discarding the stuff that they found confusing, boring, or unhelpful.

It took about eight more months of testing and refinement, but it was Todd who convinced me that I’d nailed it.

He was a recently divorced 41-year old, who admitted to letting himself go a little bit. Now back on the dating market, he had “forgotten how to even smile at a woman,” as he put it on our first call.

“It feels like the rules have changed,” he told me. “Everyone’s on Tinder, and I have no freaking idea how that works. And women are flaky as hell. I feel so lost and frustrated.”

Todd was far from the first guy to tell me that women were becoming more of a pain in the ass, but he was the first who got full access to my new curriculum. One week later, I got the call...

“Alex, man, something changed. Big time. I was at the freaking grocery store the other day, and I caught this cute woman’s eye. Nothing that hasn’t happened before, but you know... it felt different, like I wasn’t afraid. I still wasn’t sure what I should say to her, but here’s the crazy thing, is that she approached me! That has literally never happened in my life. She made it so easy too, asked me a lot of questions... I was the one who asked for her number and she said I thought you’d never ask. I could almost SEE that mating instinct in her eyes, it was like hunger or something, so good!”

That’s when I knew I had it.

For the next two months, I rolled out this training to twelve new clients, and the results were consistent and incredible.

Within less than 14 days, these guys had become powerful, attraction magnets.

Even Barry, whose wife was on the verge of leaving him. He’d gained weight, and lost that “fire” that was burning inside of him when he was young and single.

Two weeks later, he’d become a “dynamo,” and his wife was totally bewildered... in the best possible way. He actually introduced me to on a phone call, as “the guy who made our marriage great again.”

She broke down into tears of gratitude... “Alex, you have to teach this to more husbands,” she begged me.

And today, that’s exactly what I’m going to do...

So if you’re a man who’s frustrated with women, lost in life, and sick of being invisible or disrespected, then I’m extremely excited to tell you about the incredible breakthrough that I call...

The Power Switch:

The Masculine Power That Activates
A Woman’s Mating Instinct

And that’s because it’s like a “switch” that turns your masculine power back on...

...and activates a force that’s been lying dormant in your body.

It quite literally causes whole body changes... changes that put women in heat.

It’s the single best cure for a relationship that’s become too routine, or even cold and hostile...

And it’s the very best thing that a single guy can do to meet and attract more women.

Today, for the first time ever, I’m opening 300 seats to this breakthrough training program, and once they’re all filled, I’m shutting the doors for a month.

So if there are still seats available, you’ll want to act very fast.

I’ll tell you how much it costs in just a moment - and I think that the price will shock you, in the best possible way... but first, let me tell you what’s in The Power Switch, so you can make sure that it’s right for you.

The Power Switch is a sweeping multimedia course, which will show you exactly how to activate the five traits of masculine power.

Here’s EXACTLY What I Cover In
The Power Switch

It starts with installing #1 trait that women go nuts for in men. It’s such an aphrodisiac, that just getting this one thing right will instantly move you into the “I’ve gotta f*ck this guy” category.

Mauricio, a 33-year old bachelor, described it this way on a phone call I recorded with him...

“Holy shit Alex, holy shit! I just watched the first few lessons today, and I went out tonight (it’s a Friday) and man, something CHANGED. I was out with my friends, including this smokeshow named Rachel who’d put me in the friend zone. But when I walked in that night, she immediately took notice of me in this weird way... it was like watching a dead cell phone wake up after it’s been charged. And there was definitely a charge between us. By the end of the night, we had broken off from the group and she was basically trying to get me into bed. I played it coy and cool even though I wanted to so badly, and she’s been blowing up my phone today like some kind of animal. This is amazing!”

I’ll then show you how to break free of the habits and beliefs that have been sabotaging you for so long.

If you feel like you’re stuck in life, then you might want to watch this section first, because it’s like breaking down a gate that’s kept a wild beast in captivity... and letting it run free.

I’ll show you the “athlete’s trick” that brings a huge boost to your masculine power. No, it has nothing to do with weight lifting or sprinting... but rather, everything to do with a crucial power trait.

Leonard, a 47-year old client of mine, told me...

“This was exactly what I needed. It awoke that masculine spirit inside of me that I kind of always knew was in there somewhere, and everyone notices. My wife is being playful and coy, and our sex has gotten really fun. And even my teenage kids noticed it. I’m ashamed to say this, but they’d been getting disrespectful towards me in the past few years, and I’d let them. But now, they’re acting deferential again... and it wasn’t anything that I said or did to them. No threats. I guess even they can feel this new power inside of me.”

I’ll Teach You How To Get A Woman To Unleash Her Sexual Wild Side... So She Can Be Completely Uninhibited In The Bedroom...

...and feel free to experiment with her wildest sexual fantasies with you.

And I’ll tell you what, this is especially great if you’ve been together with the same woman for awhile, because I promise that she’s developed some crazy fantasies if you guys have been having the “same old, same old” sex for too long.

I’m going to unlock the power trait that taps not only into her “mating” instinct, but her “nurturing” instinct, too. She will want so badly to make you feel happy and loved.

If you’re used to being disrespected or abandoned in relationships... or if you’re in one where the power has turned against you, then believe me, your happiness quite literally depends on your ability to turn on this trait.

And if you’re single, then this destroys any chance of her “flaking” or “ghosting” on you.

I’ll also teach you the power trait that you need for shy, reserved women. Look -

Every Woman Has An Animal Lust
Inside Of Her...

...but some of them have been brainwashed by society, or stuck in such a rut, that they’ve basically buried it.

But when you activate this trait, it’s like a magnet for her mating instinct. Even women who’ve rejected you or gone cold will think about what a mistake they’ve made... and I hope you’ll be prepared to see some things that you never expected when they try to show you just how dirty they can get.

Tim wrote in to me to tell me that,

“my girlfriend has always been pretty reserved, I think largely because she was raised catholic and feels guilty about everything! But once I started getting this trait right, it was like she had permission to be herself, and wow did she change. Our bedroom has become a den of sin! And she’s even become more fun and lively when we’re out with friends. I can tell that she’s just so much happier about her entire life now. I can’t thank you enough, Alex.”

And because I don’t want to leave you hanging when it matters most, I’m going to give you some killer power techniques to make a woman melt with lust.

How to kiss her in a way that she’s probably never experienced before.

The number one technique to make any woman feel insane sexual pleasure.

How to put your hands on her body in a way that will activate her animal desires and get her addicted to your touch.

Even if you’ve seen some courses or material about sex before, I promise that you’ve never seen this stuff... because it works on a whole different level.

Best of all, 

I’ll Show You How To Get 
What You Want In The Bedroom

All of your selfish, secret desires and fantasies... and yes, she’ll be eager and excited to please you like you’re a powerful demigod.

This was Terrence’s favorite section, he wrote in to say,

“Alex, I’ve got a freaky mind. A real freaky mind. But when I tried to express it in the early days of my relationship with my wife, she was like nuhhhhh uhh, so I buried it. But you know man, it never really goes away, you can’t change who you are or what you want. Four years into my marriage, I thought I’d go to my grave without experiencing some of the things that I wanted most from sex, but damnnnnn my man did your training fix that! It didn’t happen overnight, but over the course of a month I managed to get a whole new vibe going on with my wife, and she’s been loving every minute of this crazy new shit. I guess she changed over time too, but now we’ve never been happier. Thank you brother!”

And look, I could go on and on about what’s in The Power Switch, but by now, I think you can see just how powerful it’s going to be for you.

Because when your masculine power is switched off, it doesn’t matter what else is happening in your life... you still feel like the most important thing is missing... you can tell, and women can tell.

But when your masculine power is switched on, everything gets better. You’re desired and pursued by women. You’re respected and deferred to by men. Good things come your way.

My clients tell me that this is the single most important thing that they’ve ever changed in their lives... it’s just that powerful...

...and that’s why, when I polled them to ask how much I should charge for the course...

My Clients Almost Unanimously Said That This Should Cost More Than $500

And 25% thought it should cost upwards of $1000!

Tim wrote to me and said, “Alex, you are selling yourself short if this thing goes for under a grand. There’s nothing more important than this in a man’s life. Look at how much college costs. Look at how much conferences cost. And what do you actually get from those that makes such an immediate improvement in your life? Please brother, don’t put this out there for less than it’s worth.”

And while I totally see Tim’s point, there’s a problem with it:

Most guys I know have to really stretch to drop $1000 on something. That’s serious cash, and I didn’t want The Power Switch to be off-limits to guys who don’t make six figures a year.

In fact, I want any guy who could benefit from The Power Switch to be able to afford it... so I’m not selling it for $1000, or even $500.

No, I picked a price that should make it a no brainer... and such an easy “f*ck yes!” that the only question is whether there are still copies available.

You see...

If You’re Here Right Now, Then It’s Truly A “Right Place, Right Time” Situation

My team and I are advertising this on Youtube and Google, today and tomorrow, and we’re only opening 300 seats to the course.

Since this is the first time we’ve rolled it out publicly, we’re inviting a “test group” of 300 men to join today, and we’ll track their progress over the next two months.

Then - and only then - will we open the doors again, assuming the test group goes as well as we expect it to.

So if you’re here today, and if the checkout page is still live, then man, did you luck out... because there are still seats left in the test group.

And to make it even more exciting for you, I’m going to include some killer bonus courses.

BONUS COURSE 1: Sexual Mastery

The first is called Sexual Mastery, and it’s exactly what it sounds like. In this course, I reveal the techniques, the moves and the mindset you need to be worshipped in the bedroom.

Teaching sexual skills is where I got my start, it’s what I’m most famous for, and on its own, I’ve sold this course for $497.

And clients have been happy to pay that, because Sexual Mastery is a 6-part, elite training program that delivers total bedroom dominance.

But if you join my test group today, hey... your sex life is about to get a lot crazier, so I decided that I’d include this for free today.

BONUS COURSE 2: How To Initiate Sex Without Getting Rejected

Now bonus 2 is for the guys in relationships, it’s called How To Initiate Sex Without Getting Rejected.

This is my most popular program, and if you are in a long-term relationship, you can probably guess why!

It’s not a long course - you can get through it in 30 minutes - but I do charge $97 for this, because it solves a problem that becomes a huge disaster for many single guys and most marriages.

Yet since it’s such a perfect compliment to The Power Switch, I’m also going to include this one for free.

BONUS COURSE 3: The Secrets of Sexual Fitness

Your third bonus is going to be great whether you’re single or in a relationship, it’s called The Secrets of Sexual Fitness.

A lot of guys workout to look good, or to train for a sport, but how many actually train for sex... for those hour-long sweat sessions that leave both you, and her, feeling totally breathless?

Well, that’s what I’m going to reveal in this training program. I’m going to show you the exact exercises (full-body, and ahem... “organ-specific”) that will give you the strength to go, and go, and go.

And going one step further, I’ll reveal some of the herbs and supplements that my clients and I have used to increase our potency and performance even more.

This course also sells for $97, but you’re going to need it with all the sex you’ll be getting from The Power Switch, so I’m going to include this one for free, as well.

And finally, what I consider to be the best bonus of all.

BONUS COURSE 4: Masculinity Mastery Access

Masculinity Mastery it’s unlike anything else out there, and it’s like a 10x force multiplier for The Power Switch.

Look, you don’t just “become” a man... you have to earn that title. I know 50-year olds who are still little boys inside.

Even worse, we’re taught from a young age that we’re not supposed to talk about this stuff!

No wonder that so many men feel lost, confused, and upset by what’s happening to our culture.

So in Masculinity Mastery, my own mentor and I lead monthly sessions on “the big stuff” - confidence, money, fatherhood, anxiety, decision making, charisma... the list goes on, and on.

The thousands of men who are in this course say that it’s the thing they look forward to most every month... and that it’s helped them become better in every single way.

I normally charge $67 / month for access, but today, you’re going to get trial access for free. And if you do decide to stay onboard, you’ll pay a greatly reduced price to stay active.

And don’t worry - I’ll give you plenty of notice before any sort of billing happens, so you won’t be hit with any surprises. I’m on your side, and I take that responsibility seriously.

These Bonus Courses Are Only Included
For Free Today and Tomorrow

Now listen... I’ve never given these bonus courses away for free... and I can’t do it forever... that wouldn’t be fair to the thousands of men who’ve paid full price for them.

But I’m really excited to include these bonuses for guys who join the Test Group today, because I believe that we’re doing something really big here... something possibly world-changing.

So let’s talk about the price of The Power Switch.

As you know, the investment will not be the $1000, or even $500, that most of my clients thought I should ask for (many of them paid far more!)... that would just put it out of too many peoples’ hands.

No, my team and I settled on a price that we think is much more fair: $197... that’s a price that puts it within any man’s reach.

But today... 

For This Small Test Group, We Decided 
To Drop The Price Even More

We want the spots to fill up fast, so while there are still seats available in the test group, your investment in The Power Switch will only be $67.

And you’re getting hundreds of dollars of my bonus programs for free with your investment today.

But I have to warn you: as soon as all of the spots in the Test Group are taken, three things will happen.

First, we’ll shut down the checkout page for two months, to make sure that no one else gets in.

Then, when we relaunch, we will raise the investment to $197... that’s way more than fair.

And third, we will stop including all of the free bonus training courses. I’m only including those for free to the guys who join the Test Group today and tomorrow.

So if you have any interest in this program, then I urge you to join it today... because you will never find it available at this price again.

Just click the Add To Cart button, and you’ll be taken to my secure checkout page.

All of my transactions are processed by ClickBank - they’re the gold standard in privacy and security, and they’ve processed billions and billions of dollars of transactions without ever suffering a security breach.

In fact, your credit card details will be encrypted the moment you click the “Purchase” button, and will never be fully visible to anyone... not even my wonderful customer support agents.




You’ve Got Two Full Months To Ask For Your Money Back

Let’s say that you don’t love The Power Switch. Honestly, I’d be shocked, but I’ve still got your back.

That’s because, if you join the Test Group today, your investment is protected by an unconditional 60-day guarantee.

Just go through the course, and install these five traits. See how much more powerful you feel… see how much more passionate women are for you.

And if you don’t experience a massive transformation, then I’d like you to write or call me, and request a full and complete refund.

It’ll be handled promptly, with no hassle, by real humans who live here in the United States. You won’t be stuck on a phone bank, or waiting for days to hear back from us.

And with my 60-day guarantee, you can join the course today, and start it tonight, next week, or even next month at this time… and you’ll still be protected!

That’s because I want to make this a no-brainer for any man who wants to join.

I want you to feel confident, safe and protected in your investment… so you can jump right in, and start installing the traits of masculine power tonight.




And I want you to do something else tonight - I want you to pull open your calendar, and set a reminder for yourself for two weeks from today.

Because I predict that your “mirror moment” is less than two weeks away...

When you walk by the mirror, and you catch yourself...

Something’s different.

You’ve got a fierceness in your eye... a feeling of controlled energy surging through your body.

You’ve been having lots of sex, for sure. Sex isn’t something you stress over anymore... it just happens because women want you.

But that’s not the reason you’re feeling this way.


It’s because when you look in your own eye... you see things that you knew were there, but that you’d lost along the way.

You see the look of real confidence. Not that sad, fake act that every man plays when he’s down.

You see the look of self-satisfaction. There’s no one you’re trying to impress... because you’re impressed with yourself.

You see the look of respect. You like the man who’s looking back at you.

That’s What Power Feels Like

And as amazing as it’ll feel to be worshipped by women... to know that turning on a woman’s mating instinct is as easy as showing up...

You’ll only get to revel in that when she’s there... riding you like a champion, cuddling you like a kitten... looking at you with unmistakably adoring eyes...

But when she’s not around, when you’re one-on-one with your own truth... that’s when you’ll know that it all started with The Power Switch.

It’s an unmistakable feeling.

It’s what being a MAN feels like. And as a 52 year old man, I can tell you that it only gets better.




And that’s why I urge you to join The Power Switch Today. Because I want you... and any man who wants it, really... spend your days feeling fucking awesome about yourself.

Feeling fucking awesome about your relationships.

Feeling fucking awesome about your life.

It all starts with your masculine power... everything flows from that.

Your sex life. Your career. Your mood and your attitude.

If your masculine power has been switched off, it doesn’t matter what else is good in your life... you and you alone know that something’s not right.

And when it’s on, everything’s easier.

Women Are Easier. Work Is Easier. Life Is Easier

If you’ve gotten this far, then I know that these words are resonating with you... that they’re maybe even hitting you right in the chest... and making you anxious.

Anxiously aware that life is passing you by, that you’re not the man you want to be.

And anxiously excited and hopeful about The Power Switch.

“If there’s even a chance it might work...”

I know you’re almost there, and I truly hope that my 60-day guarantee can push you over the fence.

There’s a reason that you found yourself here today, and watching this now, while it’s still available at this price, and with these bonuses.




You Can Probably Read It In My Words...
You’ll Never Find A More Passionate Coach Than Me

I’ve lived through it.

They say you can’t know suffering if you haven’t suffered yourself, and that’s the only reason that I’m as passionate as I am.

Because I don’t want any man to feel as bad as I’ve felt... and I want every man to feel as great, as powerful, and as passionate as I do now.

Besides my wife and daughter, that’s the most important thing in the world to me... and more than anything else, that’s why I am finally releasing The Power Switch to the public.

So please do me a favor.

Two weeks from now, when you have that “mirror moment,” just pull open your phone and pop me an email.

All you’ll need to do is search your email for Alex Allman - that’ll pull up the receipt that I send you for The Power Switch.

Then hit reply to that message, and tell me how fucking awesome you’re feeling.

Tell me about how women are treating you differently... the respect you’re getting, and the attention that’s lavished upon you.

Tell me about how your friends and coworkers are treating you.

Tell me about your sex life if you want (just don’t send pictures)!

Or just tell me three words: “It works, Alex.”

The messages I receive from guys like you are one of the very best things in my life...

...and no matter how long, or how short, I read every single one, and respond to as many as I can.

So I can’t wait to get yours and hear what The Power Switch has done for you.

Thanks again for taking the time to get this far... I hope to see you on the inside in just a minute from now.





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